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If you've completed the 8 Week Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced RUSHFIT training calendar send us your before/after photos and answer the questions below and you'll be eligible to receive a RUSHFIT T Shirt for FREE!

To receive your FREE RUSHFIT T-Shirt, send the following info to results@gsprushfit.com.

1. Full Name, Age, and Start/End date for your 8 Week RUSHFIT Program

2. Before/After Photos or Video: The Before shot should date from before you started the RUSHFIT program, and the After photo should be immediately after completing 8 weeks of RUSHFIT. The photos should clearly demonstrate your results, ideally showing two front facing profile shots. You can also include side and back profile shots. If you've created a video highlighting your RUSHFIT results, please post on YouTube and send us the URL (optional).

3. Proof of Purchase: If you purchased RUSHFIT from www.gsprushfit.com, send us your Order # or the shipping address for your order. If you purchased RUSHFIT from anywhere else, send a photo or scan of your receipt, your credit card statement, or your photo holding the RUSHFIT DVDs.

4. Results: Your before/after weight and any measurements you took such as waist, arms, legs, or body fat %. If you did the RUSHFIT Assessment, send your before/after assessment scores.

5. Goals: Tell us why you purchased RUSHFIT and what goals you wanted to achieve.

6. What's your favorite RUSHFIT workout and why?

7. What diet and nutrition changes did you make?

8. What was the hardest part of completing 8 weeks of RUSHFIT and what helped you get through it?

9. Any final thoughts on the RUSHFIT Program you'd like to share?

10. T-Shirt Size: S - M - L - XL - note that T-shirts are unisex, so females should order one size smaller than usual and men should order one size larger than usual to be safe.

Note: By submitting this information you grant Digital Shelf Space Inc. (producers of GSP RUSHFIT), the right to use your photos, name, and other submitted details on our web site or other media properties. In addition, in order to receive a FREE RUSHFIT T-shirt you with must comply with all of the conditions stated above.