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Real RUSHFIT Success Stories

The following is a sampling of testimonials submitted by actual RUSHFIT customers that have shared their amazing results after completing the 8 Week RUSHFIT Program. You can learn more about their results and view many more real success stories and updates about RUSHFIT by visiting the GSP RUSHFIT Facebook Page (Facebook account not required to view).

RUSHFIT Results Phil

Phil was fit and practicing Jiu Jitsu a few years ago before letting himself go and reaching 265 lbs. He used the RUSHFIT program to get back in shape and lose the excess weight, and ended up losing over 80 lbs! After week 5 he was able to start Jiu Jitsu training again and after completing the full RUSHFIT program he entered the NAGA (North American Grappling Association) Virginia Beach Championship and won his division. Congratulations Phil! Check out his amazing before/after photos and learn how he accomplished his goals: Read his full story on the GSP RUSHFIT Facebook page.

RUSHFIT results George

RUSHFIT RESULTS: George lost 85 lbs in 16 Weeks!

"This is a fitness program that anyone can do. I can't believe the results!!!" - George Green

We first profiled George on April 19th (http://tinyurl.com/3u5furg) after he lost 45 lbs completing the 8 Week Beginner Calendar, dropping from 270 to 225 lbs. Now, after completing the 8 Week Intermediate Calendar, he has reached his personal goal of 185 lbs! "I cannot believe the results!" George told us, "My friends, family, and co-workers are amazed with what I've achieved. I have reached a fitness level that quite frankly I didn't think I would ever attain, I have my life back!!! Check out George's full story on the GSP RUSHFIT Facebook Page.

Update: George has now completed the 8 Week Advanced RUSHFIT Program and has lost a total of 100lbs in 24 weeks! View his latest photo.

RUSHFIT RESULTS: Joanna lost 17 lbs and finally got her pre-pregnancy body back!

Joanna ordered Rushfit because she was struggling to regain her pre-pregnancy body. Despite training for a marathon, the extra pounds just wouldn't come off. She was desperate to get back into her old clothes and knew that she needed to do something dynamic and exciting so that she would stick with it (she tried P90X, didn't like it). See our Q&A with Joanna on the GSP RUSHFIT Facebook Page and find out why working out with Georges motivated her to complete the full 8 week program.

RUSHFIT Results Brian

RUSHFIT Results: Brian Elowsky got ripped, and saved his daughter’s life!

Brian contacted us a few weeks ago to share his results and tell us an incredible story about how the conditioning he gained from RUSHFIT helped him save his daughter’s life during a boating accident. Read his full story on the GSP RUSFHIT Facebook Page.

RUSHFIT Results David

RUSHFIT RESULTS: David Lost 20lbs and got in MMA Fighting Shape! (Literally)

David Harmon completed the 8 Week RUSHFIT Program and achieved fantastic results! A former high school wrestler, he used the program to get back in shape and ended up winning his first MMA fight soon after. Read about David's full story on the GSP RUSHFIT Facebook Page.

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Additional Reviews and Comments:

"Loving RUSHFIT - can't thank Erik and the rest enough for putting this out there." - Alan David, GSP RUSHFIT Facebook Page

"I'm RUSHFIT, awesome training, thanx so much guys!!!" - Marc Dumesnil, GSP RUSHFIT Facebook Page

I purchased the entire series and they are all terrific!" - Richardson "Clarence", Amazon.com

"@GSPRUSHFIT I officially survived #rushfit and it was amazing! I've never felt or looked as good as I do now." - @Iggy_Rodriguez, Twitter

@georgesstpierre tried out RUSHFIT...it's more fun that P90X and still a great workout." - @french1022, Twitter

"I have done P90X, Insanity, and Insanity Asylum. Rushfit is superior by far. I love these workouts. The fitness program is structured in a superior way compared to any of the other programs. I actually look forward to working out every day." - Argentine Hulk, GSP RUSHFIT Facebook Page