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GSP RUSHFIT - 8 Week Training Program • Only $59.97

RUSHFIT is an innovative training program that has quickly become a top selling fitness series all over the world. Get ready to train with GSP and find out why RUSHFIT gets results:

  • The workouts are fast - about 45 minutes each - providing the maximum amount of training in the shortest possible time. Get your workout done and get on with your day.

  • Calorie afterburn! The unique blend of intense intervals and metabolic conditioning will burn calories long after your workout.

  • It's functional fitness designed for everyone, and the 5 five minute rounds of intense exercise simula.

  • Minimal equipment - All you need is a small assortment of hand weights or dumbbells, between 5 - 30 lbs. That's it!

  • You won't get bored or plateau - RUSHFIT is designed so you can increase the difficulty as your strength and conditioning improves.

  • You will burn fat AND build muscle - most exercise programs are all conditioning or all weight training - RUSHFIT provides both!

  • GSP does every exercise right along with you! When you're suffering, so is he. Now that's real motivation.


RUSHFIT Workouts on Six DVDs: (1) Strength and Endurance, (2) Abdominal Strength & Core Conditioning, (3) The Fight Conditioning Workout, (4) Explosive Power Training, (5) Full Body Strength & Conditioning, and (6) The 2 Bonus Workouts - Balance & Agility and Stretching For Flexibility

3 Different 8 Week Training Calendars - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

RUSHFIT Nutrition Guide - A comprehensive guide on how to fuel your to maximize results

RUSHFIT Workout Guide - Step by step preparation and tips for your 8 week program

7 Day Supply of the Exclusive RUSHFIT Mulit-Vitamin

FREE Collector's Edition 6 DVD Slipcase - Display your RUSHFIT DVDs in style

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